How to Control Your Emotions With Your Breath

Emotions and breath are a part of what makes us human, and we can control both.

Some emotions are awesome. Joy, love, and contentment are a part of what makes life worth living.

Others aren’t so awesome. Guilt, anger, frustration, and fear aren’t things we want to experience every day.

Savoring Happiness: How to Prolong Positive Experiences

Savoring happiness and prolonging positive experiences is key to enjoying life.

Over the years, we humans have developed a unique skill; unique and, quite frankly, a little annoying.

It’s called hedonic adaptation or the “hedonic treadmill.”

Basically, it’s our ability to get over things quickly. You get a promotion, celebrate…

Gratitude: The Most Powerful Practice

We talk about gratitude a lot at Blue Door. It’s even plastered in extra large font on the top of our homepage. There’s a reason for that. We firmly believe it’s one of the most powerful exercises you can do for your mental fitness and overall wellbeing.

Yet it’s something…

The  Surprising Effects of Music on the Brain

There’s something special about hearing your favorite jam pumping out of some quality speakers, but what effects does music have on the brain?

Whether it’s an orchestral masterpiece composed a hundred years ago, or a rock-n-roll classic by Queen, we know that music makes us feel something.

That something is…

Three Reasons to Take a Break From Screens

The science is clear; we all need to take a break from the screens.

Screens have become a universal part of our daily lives.

We use them for work, entertainment, social interaction, learning, and more. I wrote this on a screen and you are reading it on a screen.


How to Calm Your Mind When You Feel Distressed

Mastering techniques to calm your mind when you feel distressed will make a massive impact on your life, and it all starts within.

We all have an inner voice. That voice constantly analyzes the situations we’re in, reflects on the past, and makes predictions about the future.

Sometimes, that voice…

The Habits of America’s Happiest People

In 2019, documentary filmmaker Michelle Wax traveled to all 50 states to find out how Americans achieve happiness.

Michelle focused on what she calls “internal happiness,” a mindset that exists regardless of external circumstances.

She interviewed more than 500 self-described happy people to learn exactly how they had found the…

The Benefits of Controlled Breathing

In this article, we discuss the concept of controlled breathing exercises, the benefits, and how you can get started today.

First, let’s start with a little exercise:

Slowly inhale air through your nose and into your belly to the count of five. Now, without pausing, slowly exhale through the nose…

How to Make Mindfulness Your Default Mindset

How can we make mindfulness our default mindset? Is it not already? Think about this:

Every second of every day we are bombarded by thoughts, feelings, emotions, worries, fears, ideas, daydreams, and more.

We can think of the mind like a bus station. Except this station is in a city…

How to be an Emotionally Supportive Friend

Everyone needs support; let’s discuss some of the best ways to be an emotionally supportive friend, coworker, and family member.

We talk a lot about self-help and self-care when it comes to mental health. …

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